Felteks desired weight and thickness thanks to the latest technology machinery capable of producing homogeneous , resisted and felt ... TOTAL CLOSED AREA 10.000 m² MONTHS 1500 TONS 900 TONS OF PRODUCTS SIDE PRODUCTS

Our quality policy

Products in a timely manner , is to deliver to the customer in accordance with the specified quality and conditions within the stated price . Internal market and customer awareness of foreign markets , exports its products to produce as accurate at once, the next working ...

Do We Follow Developments

With each passing day we are closely following the developments of new products and new machines with faster and better quality service to give you çalışıyoruz.fir we have developed to keep up with this policy at the highest level of quality with each passing day ...


Felteks operating abroad as domestic and carpets , garments and other textile production factories that manufacture their products collect debris recycling plant in the works , kazandırır.felteks latest technology to the environment and economy of the country ...

Wide Sales Network

Wide Sales Network We export to many countries with widespread sales network and our growing market network day by day better by offering better quality products to you and we are increasing our quality and production speed by following progressive and expansionist policy .


Factory production of waste by collecting used in making them .


  Fast Delivery

We deliver our products manufactured in our plant full time .

Your reliable supplier

We are proud to be always beside you with a reliable production .


Developing technology

We are improving with each passing day , followed closely by technology.